Infrastructure & Artificial Intelligence | David Porter – The Endeavour Programme

March 30, 2021

The Endeavour Programme has developed an artificial intelligence technology that can be applied to improve the performance of major projects.

Key takeaways:

  1. Throughout history, the construction industry has rapidly adopted ‘mechanical’ technology, but the management and design of projects is still dominated by humans using programmes such as excel, primavera and autocade
  2. An AI machine is like a mechanical mind. It uses billions of data points to predict the probable time and cost outcome of a project in ways that humans simply cannot do
  3. By gaining a greater understanding of this probable outcome, humans (AI machines don’t make choices!) can make more informed management decisions throughout the project lifecycle
  4. Used correctly, AI allows Governments to better understand the requirements of a project, and make better decisions on how it will allocate resources to match social need
  5. Important decisions now need to be made at the policy level. The data generated from infrastructure is valuable.  Where Government has paid for the infrastructure, it should have open access to that data

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