Infrastructure: The Global Perspective | Richard Threlfall - Global Head of KPMG IMPACT and Global Head of Infrastructure

February 18, 2021

Richard is the Global Head of Infrastructure at KPMG where he leads a team of nearly 3,000 people.  Richard is an authority within the infrastructure industry.

Key takeaways:

  • Infrastructure drives quality of life – society functions on the strength of its infrastructure
  • Covid, and the rising societal awareness of climate change, is releasing the ability of Governments to be more radical than ever before
  • Governments and the industry are facing three key challenges:
    • How to prioritise investment
    • How to leverage technology to improve delivery
    • How to increase the long-term skills and resilience of the construction industry
  • The quantum and speed of infrastructure funding required now outstrips the resources of Government – unlocking the trillions of dollars available from the private sector is a priority
  • The energy (renewables) and transport (electrification, digital connectivity and automation) sectors are being transformed – the burning platform now exists to make wholesale changes to these markets
  • Sustainability is a global issue – climate change cannot be isolated to a single industry or geography

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