Portfolios, Programs & Projects (re-issue) | Rob Leigh, Summit Advisory

March 2, 2021

Key takeaways:

  • A Portfolio is the totality of an Organisation’s investment required to achieve its strategic objectives. An Organisation can have one or multiple Portfolio’s depending on its business model.
  • A Program is a temporary organisation structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a number of related Projects. Program’s deliver outcomes and benefits related to and aligned with an Organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • A Project is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business outputs according to a specified business case. Projects can be stand alone or form part of Program.
  • Operated effectively, the layered approach:
    • Provides leadership will a single line of sight from strategy to output.
    • Allows an organisation to clearly set out, monitor and evidence how it will achieve its stated strategic aims.
    • Provides quantifiable data for performance reporting and progress
    • Enables effective risk management across all levels

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