Meeting the sustainability challenge | Clare Feeney, Environment and Sustainability Strategic Training Institute

March 15, 2021

Clare is an award-winning environmental expert and sustainability strategist.

Key takeaways

  • Although widely used, sustainability is a jargonistic word which is not immediately self-explanatory.  ‘Wellbeing’ (social, indigenous, economic and environmental) is a term people can more closely relate to, measure and understand
  • If the key project evaluation tools are economic (GDP contribution/IRR), the infrastructure delivered will prioritise these requirements (at the expense of broader long-term wellbeing)
  • Government is responsible for setting the strategic wellbeing framework for large scale capital projects – the market then delivers to these standards.  However, pressure from the business sector remains a key driver of business and government wellbeing practices
  • The shift to a wellbeing (or sustainable) approach requires a top-down and bottom-up cultural shift.  This can only be achieved through focused, structured and timely wellbeing training

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