Vive la révolution: Is this the end of the Central Business District? | Matty Lawrence - Founder, Happy Spaces

September 23, 2020

Following his excellent article “RIP CBD. We’re coming home” (, we discussed with Matty the future of the post-Covid CBD and the development of local business hubs:

Key takeaways:

  1. It is important to distinguish between the CBD and the City. CBDs will change but not necessarily at the expense of the City
  2. The need for central office space remains (for some the office is a crucial working environment) but the purpose of the office is likely to change – with an increased focus on social interaction, meetings and collaboration
  3. Space requirements are likely to decrease, placing pressure on landlords. Agents, tenants and landlords need to work together to develop flexible lease structures
  4. We are likely to see a significant growth of local business hubs, providing formal but flexible working facilities close to home
  5. There are significant opportunities for both the employer and employee. Employers can reduce accommodation costs and improve productivity and retention rates.  Employees can take a hold of their lifestyle, be empowered to deliver their work effectively and interact more closely with their local community

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